Friday, April 18, 2008


I decide to take a rest for 1 month from playing MapleSEA.
And all of you should do as I do. Online game indeed is fun to play but if you over play is bad for your health and your life.

Go outside and play other sports activities let your sweat out from your body.

I will stop recording my journey here meet me next month

Adios and chau.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Help on homework

Travel to east to Ellinia and meet Wing the Fairy. After talk to her I had to do her homework and go hunt monster. Luckily the monster I need to hunt are very near and I don't need travel far to hunt. Monster that drop the require item can find north and south of Ellinia

My hunting skill at this level still weak and need some upgrade in dexterity. This is important for Bowman because it can shot their projetile weapon in great range. But don't for get you need upgrade other too like strange to carry more powerful bow , intelligent to cast better magic and luck to avoid enemy attack.
After collect my require item I head back and receive my rewards.

** This quest is complete

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fix Black Bull house


I accept this mission when I was in Perion town at north of Victoria Island a head chief is desperate a material to fix his house. I accept it and go hunt a monster which drops a wood material. Once accepted I go ahead to hunt the monster. After complete the hunting I return to head cheif and collect my reward .

This quest is complete.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bruce find his daughter


As I reach Henessys at south of Victoria Island you will encounter some mission. Talk to Bruce
and I find out he lost his daughter and ask me to find his daughter. I accept the job and travel to north of island to find it. There i meet a lady who claim she was outsider.

I show her the toy sword which Bruce gave to me when I meet him in Henessy town. And she recognize the toy and then all her memory recall and knew who she was. She give a letter and told me to hand it to her father (Bruce) . And I return to Henessy city and give it to Bruce and collect my reward.

This quest completed

Monday, April 7, 2008

Boring Icarus

** updated **

I on my way to north and pass the industrial city ( I think ) and I had a mission there, He name was Icarus and he's bored. Double click on it and talk to him. You will find out you must answer 5 simple question, but if you wrong in 1 question you need to start again.

Then he ask you a favor. He want me to collect 40 tree branch and squishy liquid. Which is no problem to me it because I already keep in my inventory in very large amount. If you sold already or you didn't collect at all you must go and hunt again.

** This quest is complete **

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Stump Horror Story

This quest a accept at Perion , Ayan her name. Claimed she was not a native there. She claimed she was some where else but could not remember anywhere. Attacked by monster living tree she doesn't remember who she was. Treated by the native of Perion she was a part of their native of Perion . But deep inside of her heart she always think she from elsewhere.
After I complete the quest I return to her and receive my reward.

** This quest is complete **

Friday, April 4, 2008

Path of Bowman

Enter through Mushroom Park ans walks straith to end of the road at the big three I go in to that three. Inside Athene Pierce greets me and ask me if I really really wants to be a Bowman.
I answered YES and he give a a 1st task to become a Bowman . I complete the task and goest to next task , hunt the same monster but in greater volume. After that he gave me 3rd task still hunt for same monster but it need more than last two mission. And finally I accept the last task and I glad to complete the task and at last I am a Bowman. Note that you must accept all task that given by Athena Pierce and complete it each before you can become a Bowman.

**This quest is complete.

The 1st hunting that I accept is from Bruce. He ask me to hunt mushroom monster and collect their cap and spore. I accept this mission before I when to mushroom park to accept the job as a bowman. The monster which drop this item is Orange mushroom which you can identified by its cap with in orange color. Mushroom spore is from Shroom they are smallest mushroom monster in Victoria Island and is very easy to kill and it roam at south side of Victoria Island. You can find it at enterance before you go in to Henessy town.

**This quest is complete**

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The journey Begin


This is my beginning of my journey in MapleSEA . Well actually I got 2 reserve character that is for special item store. I decide to be and bowman since i love projectile weapon it located at south of Victoria Island. Have go there by foot and the monster are at low level and very easy to kill. But beware some map there got monster king in some part of map. You must avoid it at all cost. You can kill instantly and lost some of your experience point. After talk to this guy at Lith Harbor and answer the question correctly. you will receive your rewards and go to your job that you decide it.

This Quest Is Complete.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Today I begin my journey in MapleStory Game in MapleSEA South East Asia client server. Before that play my character died many times and that I find out this sites >>> click here<<<
You can review all your mission in here and guide to future quest in here.