Friday, January 30, 2009

A Gift from Friend

I receive a gift from a friend in MapleSEA World. To who ever your are I want to say "THANK YOU" and "GONG XI FA CAI"

Thank you very much with this wonderful gift.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Warrior to Spearman

My 2nd character KRiderDenO is advance to 2nd job advancement. I must return bak to Shrine Of Warriors, which I once accept a job as Warrior. I talk to Dances with Balrog. He's a warrior job instructor, he's very proud with me to stay strong and did'nt look weak any more.

To advance to 2nd job, I had go to special test which I had go to West Rocky Mountian 4 where I meet warrior job instructor.

There I meet him at West Rocky Mountain 4 . He told me toadvance to 2nd job advancement he must teleport me to secret map location and can be access only to who ever wants the nd job advancement. I accept the quest. The quest are to collect 30 black marble.

This is Hidden Street Warrior's Rocky Mountain. Only warrior job can access here. Lupin and Fire Boar monster roam here. Black marble only drooped here. After I collect all 30 black marble,I report back in same place to Job Instructor and he reward me with "Proof of a Hero".
Now i must return to 'Dances with Balrog' in Perion.

I return Back to Perion and report to 'Dances with Balrog' .
Finally after I read all the 2nd job advancement, I make a final decision. I choose Spearman as my 2nd job.

** This quest is complete**

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Today is last day, The year of Rat. In few hour we will welcome Ox to this year.This year element of Earth Ox arrive. The last Earth Ox was back in 1950. There are 5 element in Chinese astrologer
; there are Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. Each get their cycle every 12th year. However all get their element in row, this base on chinese astrologer which I also don't know how to explain to you.

Chinese New Year in few hour. Today we have a reunion dinner. Today all family come and have dinner in big round table. After dinner we all prepare our prayer to JADE EMPEROR at midnight. After that we will welcome God of Prosperity.

A new sunlight shine to Chinese New Year. We all wake up bow to our parents and after that visit relative and get red packets from them for those who still singles. (ouch!).

Pisang wish to all Mapler no matter who you are.



(good heath)

(good business)

(smooth sailing)



Lastly I present this song to all Mapler who played in MapleSEA.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chief Stan Mission

I go and meet Chief Stan to find out more detail about "Mind of Maple" quest.
Chief Stan ask me to collect 5 type of pendent that scattered all around Victoria Island.

Each pendent dropped by different monster.
Piece of Accuracy dropped by Octopus, Blue Mushroom and Bubbling.
Piece of Courage dropped by Wild Boar, Dark Stump and Axe Stump.
Piece of Wisdom dropped by Orange Mushroom, Pigs and Ribbon Pigs.
Piece of Dexterity dropped by Green Mushroom, Slime and Lupins.
Piece of Freedom dropped by Evil Eyes,Curse Eyes and Jr. Neckies.

All these monster you can find it along main road to each city in Victoria Island.

After I gathered all the pendent I return to Henesys and report to Chief Stan.

And I get a rewards from Chief Stan

***This quest is repeatable***
**This quest Complete**

Friday, January 23, 2009

Tian Jiang and Mind of Maple

Receive this quest from Maple Administration and I have travel to my home town in Henesys to meet Tian Jiang. As I know so far this time I can only meet him in Henesys. I couldn't find in any town except Henesys.

I accept his mission and he told me, I must go and see Chief Stan and he gave me some lecture before I go to see Chief Stan.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Well Christmas quest is end already. I got a change for last minute to get 20,000 EXP but I when into Happyville. When I return back, the quest is end. Pretty waste there.

Sorry for no updated these days, CNY is near and I making cookies and I had no time to updated my journal. Of course I played in MapleSEA.
I eveb tried to get 2000 piece of rascal snow piece but I failed. Luckily I manage to grab 1 last item before Happyville closed again for 365 days.

I read latest news from MapleSEA that got even better even this time.
As new comer like me this is my time to level up. This is mine chane.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ore Sanju Rank One

Here I would like to say "THANK YOU" to all my reader and mapler that choose my blog as guide to play in MapleSEA.
As now after hard work for few month my blog finally reach rank 1.

Please coming here often and find the updated about my journal.
I loved if you possibly leave some comment.

Chinese New Year will coming in end of month. I think they will be big event in Maple world.
This is my 1st CNY in MapleSEA. I will give all the detail about the event and I hope you will not lost any EXP any more.

Once more again

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hoony Need Pain Killer

If you are in Omega Sector in Ludibrium go in silo and purchases few Pain reliever.
I buy pain reliever 1 unit because it increase weapom defense for 30 minute and I for got to use it. I complete 1 quest by Greenmeso Ranger and travel south to meet that ranger. I meet Hoony

and he got a toothache. He need some pain reliever and I still got 1 pain reliever that I still didn't use it.

I accept his quest and receive my rewards. Luckily I didn't use it other wise I had travel back to Omega Sector to buy 1 pain reliever.

**this quest is complete**

Thursday, January 8, 2009

2X item drop of this month

Good news Mapler.
This month there are 2x drop rate in this month.
It start from 1 Jan to 31 Jan 2009.

But there is a time limit

Monday to Friday
7:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Saturday and Sunday
2:00 pm to 3:00 pm
7:00 pm to 3:00 pm

You can hunt alone or party up to gain experience more quickly
Good luck and happy hunting guys

source from :

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The cursed Doll task 1

Rowen the fairy in Elinna ask me to collect cursed doll which anly dropped by Zombie Lupin.
Zombie Lupin have a same power like Lupin . Throwing a banana skin as a weapon. So if you using projectile weapon strike at save distance.

Then I travel to South and heads to Victoria Road : Forest of wisdom

Take a middle tower and teleport up . Up to left corner is the portal where you can find Zombie Lupin roam.

After you finish the quest, return to Rowen , and you receive your rewards.

**this quest is complete **