Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Black Bull New House

BlackBull said to he that his relatives are coming to his house but too bad his house is too small. He ordered me hunt for Golem rock and that mosnter is way too much strong to me now. I'm not sure when I can finish this quest?
I had no problem with all the three quest at all but hunt for a rock golem is pretty hard.
This is rock golem.

Last time I find this monster at Sleepywoods dungeons. When I on event Independence quest.

and go way. . . . . . . . . down there.

and I have'nt kill a single rock golem yet.

*** this quest in progress ***

Friday, September 26, 2008

The History of Maple

Accept this quest from this guy called Jay. Not much that I can do, I'm short of money to travel ship now. Had to collect more money . Jay told me he need 3 book that tell the origin of Maple.
Now I need to be more stronger and in the same time collect more money. These book are priceless and rare . Not much info now, I will updated later

Monday, September 22, 2008

Not Online

I'm not online for nearly 1 month now. I'm not tired or boring in this game but rest for a moment.
So no matter which online game you playing now please rest for two or more weeks. Don't be a hero for playing online game non stop for few days. It will destroy your future.


p.s. I will keep on post my previous mission in here.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jane Doe

In Kerning city there is a hospital there where a stranger in there. They called Jane Doe, you t wouldn't get any quest from her until you reach level 25 and above. I accept her quest when I above level 25. She firstly ask for broken mirror which you can get from wild boar. I was lucky before this I accept Jane quest so I did 2 quest in 1 time. If you do a Jane quest you will be find id strange when you killed wild boar there will be broken mirror dropped from it.
After I complete this quest I return to her and she find out there was no reflection of her, and ask me for second quest.

In this second quest I had go back to ant hill in sleepywood . I find out I got the charm but it was not enough so must go back to hunt again. After complete my quest I went back to meet her and she seem to be happy about it and she gave me some rewards and 1 old raggedy cape which gave you 10 points in advance in avoidability .

*** this quest complete ***

Monday, September 8, 2008

Jane need to be strong

Jane love to travel but her father wouldn't let her go alone just because she not strong enough.
She ask me to hunt for her some horny cap mushroom and wild boar tooth. I know is not small amount but a lot .
So here my tip; go to sleepywood through Henesys then go to ant hill 1 there horny mushroom roam freely there; after you complete 1st part of quest exit ant hill 1 and get out from sleepywood town and heads to north you must exit north gate near to Perion. Becareful and prepare with full HP and MP , monster may be roam at exit portal .
Now you can search for wild boar there and start hunting.
After I complete 2nd part I teleport by using Lith Habour scroll and find Jane.

*** this quest complete ***

Friday, September 5, 2008

Mrs Ming Ming Second Worry

In this journey I had to do 3 part of task. Accept a task from Mrs Ming Ming from Henesys she told you to talk to Estelle , she can be located at The field of south Elinna. I went to there.

I reach there and talk to her ; and she had the item that I need for my task . But in exchange she wants a Garnet, a pure Garnet jewel. As you know so far there are no monster dropped pure garnet when you killed a monster. The only way is to get garnet ore are by hunting monster that dropped garnet ore. Here the list

Collect minimum 10 of garnet ore to make 1 pure garnet ; and you must refine it at blacksmith's which you can find it at north in Perion city.
After that I return to Estelle and she gave me the secret sauce .

Return to Mrs. Ming Ming and she order me to hunt for 20 pig head's and 60 octopus leg's. I had no problem of that because I know where are the monster is.

*** this quest in progress ***

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

2nd Quest in Florina Beach

** updated **

Still in Florina Beach on second quest . Looks like like I gonna to be while here. There are a Lupin monster here. You know a monkey can throw a banana skin as weapon. Be prepare you need a lot of HP and MP potion if you not strong enough; now I half way through to collect Lorang claw the other two is easy to get. Plus I nearly level up in here. If I strong enough may be I advance to next quest in Florina Beach; if not I return to main land to continiu my journey.

*** this quest complete ***