Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jane Doe

In Kerning city there is a hospital there where a stranger in there. They called Jane Doe, you t wouldn't get any quest from her until you reach level 25 and above. I accept her quest when I above level 25. She firstly ask for broken mirror which you can get from wild boar. I was lucky before this I accept Jane quest so I did 2 quest in 1 time. If you do a Jane quest you will be find id strange when you killed wild boar there will be broken mirror dropped from it.
After I complete this quest I return to her and she find out there was no reflection of her, and ask me for second quest.

In this second quest I had go back to ant hill in sleepywood . I find out I got the charm but it was not enough so must go back to hunt again. After complete my quest I went back to meet her and she seem to be happy about it and she gave me some rewards and 1 old raggedy cape which gave you 10 points in advance in avoidability .

*** this quest complete ***

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