Thursday, July 31, 2008

Icarus want to fly

Icarus dreams he wants to fly way up to blue sky. He ask me to collect few item to make a glider. I accept his quest and begin to hunt monster that drooped the item requirement. Processes wood you had to make it. It can make from tree branch dropped by Stump monster and woods dropped by Axe Stump monster. Then go find a item maker. For tree branch you need 10 and woods you need 5 .
I got all the item that Icarus wanted and I present to him.
I get my rewards

*** this quest complete ***

Saturday, July 26, 2008

CutTroat Manny

I accept a same quest from Nella again this time CutTroat Manny ask for 200 evil eye tail. No problem for me. The problem is I had travel deep down into Ant Hill in SleepyWoods forest and the journey is not that easy and there is the 2nd repeateble quest on this ; you had to kill 999 evil eye and the board is located very deep inside Ant Hill very deep indeed. I think I can get they and accept the quest again. I am alone hunter so hunt 999 evil tail monster is not quit easy. it may takes 2 month. I think I gonna kill 100 evil tail each day.

*** This quest is in progress ***

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Friut Mission

On world tour I still in Thailand and accept a quest from a lady named Nid she fruit seller at Floating Market in Thailand. 3 of the fruit you can purchase from potion seller while 2 of them you must go to hunt from monster which drop when you kill it. Accept the coconut you must travel back to Victoria Island to get the coconut. I head straight to Lith Harbor and pay 2,000 meso and go to Florina Island which can acsses through Lith Harbour only. I get the coconut and when back to Thailand again and complete my quest.

**This quest is complete**

Monday, July 21, 2008

On the world Quest Thailand

I on world tour quest in mapleSEA . 1st stop at Thailand is not easy as I thought the monster can fight back and strong too. This is the 1st quest "Entering The Floating Market Squad" I called it "Monster Squad Thailand" it because all you must do is kill monster if you accept the quest.

To enter the squad is not easy . At 1st I thought it was easy everthing is going smooth until the last two agent which in monster area. Luckily I was pack with alot of experience and finish the quest in few minute. Monster here can shoot in distance so I need a agility may be in nest level up I rise my luck.

**This quest is complete**

Friday, July 11, 2008

Chris Quest

** updated **

After I finish Dr Faymes quest I accept another quest from Nella. Now she wants me to get leather skin and stiff feather. Which is a big problem to me I keep that leather skin to complete Angie quest no.1, 2 and 3 in Singapore world but that I had no worries at all. To get leather skin all I need to hunt is pig, ribbon pig and wild boar. But leather item not always drop when I kill it this take some time.

**** added ****
I find out not pig, ribbon pig and wild boar. there are other monster that drop leather when you kill that monster.

Now I find out that yellow lizard monster can drop leather when you kill it.
It also drop weighted earrings. which is I have a quest for Dr. Betty research on fossil plant

This quest is completed.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Arde request

** updated **

This 1st quest from Nella when you reach above level 10. it is not easy quest 1st you must locate place full of monster that drop the item you want , not and easy place to find. If you find it after all it not always drop the item when you kill it. Sometime it take 10 kill to just to drop just 1 you can see how frustrating. I receive this quest last month but due to my power weakness I finish this quest. And the rewards is according to your job that to take. I take job as Bowman so I receive gloves for bowman class. that is blue diros.

This quest is complete

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dr. Faymus request

** updated ***

This quest when you in level 21 to 30. I accept this quest after I complete the last quest.
This quest is much easier than the last one . Last mission is easy but you had to find a place where all the monster are spawning and you had to buy something too . In this mission the you don't had to buy, just collect every item that monster drop when you kill that monster. After you complete the quest go to Kerning city at west and talk to that "chick" name Nella and recieve your rewards.

This quest is complete