Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Patch in MapleSEA

CNY and Valentine event is over and out. Now new patch will begin today you can download it at here.

What's new in here?

- Delphinus world and Eridanus world will merge in to one world.
- More quest for Romeo and Juliet in Magatia map.
- Master Monster third series
- Aramia's fireworks event (Event ends at 25th March 2009)
Find her in Henesys Park.
- Second stage of evolution Pet Robo
- MapleStory Speed Quiz (Event ends at 25th March 2009)
Find Casandra and she will ask 40 question of monster names.
There will be NPC too, so beware.
- Malaysia Exclusive Map for Monster Boss
- Watermelon Event (Event ends at 25th March 2009)
Find Casandra
-Mob Boss spawn rate is shortend for Anego and Pianus
Rate will resume to original time in next patch.
- Hack Shield added.

Plus more item in Gachapon machine and Cash Shop added.
source Maple

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Did you see this guy named Yuan Bao Fo sit in very town in Victoria Island. When you click it he will give you a cracker stick weapon class claw with some 20 ammo of cracker.
Then he will teleport you to outside of Dong Dong Chiang House. Before you can go in you must equip it in your hand.

When I entering House of Dong Dong Chiang, that monster is dancing in front of yarn. I attack that monster until I ran out of ammo. But this weapon has dual purposes first it can use as throwing weapon like throwing star use for thief or arrows use by bowman. Second it can use as close range weapon. You know what I mean.

How I defeat this monster. Well I didn't waste my meso on extra ammo which cost 100,000 meso. I think everyone's don't want waste on that ammo right?

When you ran out of ammo, quickly stab Dong Dong Chiang in close range. After you attack 4 or 5 times there is a little gap which you will hit nothing at all. Dong Dong Chiang will strike back slowly. This time you will hit Dong Dong Chiang 2 times. It will always 2 times.

This is very important time MUST right. After you hit 2 times at Dong Dong Chiang advance 1 or 2 step forward to right and quickly hit Dong Dong Chiang again with 3 to 5 times and then 2 times again. This you will slowly push Dong Dong Chiang to right of your screen.

After successfully push Dong Dong Chiang to end of screen, You will hit Dong Dong Chiang continuously without a single gap in between. But there is a weakness here, you will hit Dong Dong Chiang 100 times and your mapler will stop attacking. This time you must back off and repeat the process agian.

Repeat it agian and again until you kill Dong Dong Chiang.
I relize it last night and the event will comes to end soon

Quick come faster to House of Dong Dong Chiang. You can hunt alone or with party.
If you follow my stategy you wouldn't spent 100,000 meso.
The event will ends, hope you will collect your prize in House of Dong Dong Chiang

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Heart Shield

To get Heart Shield you must collect 100 piece of Heart to Heart, dropped by all type of monster in Victoria Island. It's easy to identified it Heart to Heart. The blue orb with shape of heart inside it.

After you collect 100 peice of Heart 2 Heart , return to Ace of Heart and claim your reward. However you cannot use it. So you must find the opposite mapler gender to exchange it so you can use it.

You must find other opposite gender mapler or friends and change it. I think no limitation to exchange with same mapler.

You must do it in trade menu. and once it done click trade button.

The more interesting is if you can manage collect 10 Heart Shield you can exchange with couple chair. which I still not done yet.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Chap Goh Meh

Today "Chap Goh Meh" is last day of Chinese New Year. Well I think MapleSEA should have their own special "Chap Goh Meh", by throwing fruit's to sea. Just for fun and no EXP and FAME up.

It can be a hand held weapon like bazooka with ammo from fruits. When the player launch weapon the fruit will go out to sea and it float away.............

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chocolate Heart Box

Valentine is around corner. The 1st event is get 1 Heart of Chocolate box. It's very easy.
1st head on to Henesys or Lith Harbor and find Ace of Hearts. You can identified very easily by its appearance. Get a quest from Ace of Hearts.

Go to Henesys Hunting Ground 1 and get 1 dark chocolate and 1 white chocolate. You can see the red circle. After that go back to Ace of Hearts to finish your quest.

Before that you have to buy 2 more item quest to complete it. that is 1 empty heart box and 1 gold ribbon from Coco Chocolate Ingredient Seller always next to Ace of Hearts.
Buy these two Item and your quest will complete.

Report back to Ace of Hearts , and I forgot to tell you that Ace of hearts charge 1,000 mesos fee to complete this quest to complete.
as the rewards I get

1 Heart Chocolate
Gain 800 EXP
Raise up 1 fame.

**this quest complete**
***repeatable every 1 or 2 hour**

Monday, February 2, 2009

Kill 99

The 1st task from The Rememberer. I choose 3 task at once. You can find it along your way into ant hill way deep in to hearth of Victoria Island. I choose to accept this quest at the sign board along way that I found. After all quest was done I report back to The Rememberer, you can find him levitating at the entrance of SleppyWoods.

For killing 1st 99th Horned Mushroom.
I rewarded with :
100 withe potion for restoring 300HP
4500 of EXP

For killing 1st 99th Zombie Mushroom.
I rewarded with:
50 mana elixir for restoring 300 MP
5500 of EXP

And lastly for killing 1st 99 Evil Eye.
I rewarded with:
100 mana elixir for restoring 300MP
6000 of EXP

To repeat this quest you had to kill 999 of moster that you accept this quest

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Reward fro 2nd Job Advancement

My 2nd character reach level 30 and Maple Administration sned me a gift. I must collect form Maple Administration itself. Travel to location I knew where she was. Identified was so easy; it because she was wearing a cap with big capital "W".
She congratulate to me and wants to see me in next job advancement.
I receive 500,000 meso, same amount like 1st character.