Monday, February 2, 2009

Kill 99

The 1st task from The Rememberer. I choose 3 task at once. You can find it along your way into ant hill way deep in to hearth of Victoria Island. I choose to accept this quest at the sign board along way that I found. After all quest was done I report back to The Rememberer, you can find him levitating at the entrance of SleppyWoods.

For killing 1st 99th Horned Mushroom.
I rewarded with :
100 withe potion for restoring 300HP
4500 of EXP

For killing 1st 99th Zombie Mushroom.
I rewarded with:
50 mana elixir for restoring 300 MP
5500 of EXP

And lastly for killing 1st 99 Evil Eye.
I rewarded with:
100 mana elixir for restoring 300MP
6000 of EXP

To repeat this quest you had to kill 999 of moster that you accept this quest

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