Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Pirates Are Arrive

Good news Maplers........
New job is here in MapleSEA . It si Pirates Job. Pirates have two skill job . That is internal combustion projectile (gun) and close combat fighting skill. You can check in here or scroll down my previous post

You also can check at official MapleSEA site.

Okay now I mapler "aceone' in Eridanus server will go train now .........

the pirate job will be available in this morning 19th November 2008, from 0800 hrs to 1530 hrs (+8 GMT) and all you can find it

Monday, November 10, 2008

New Job is Coming

A new job will be available in MapleSEA world and I think the all version of Maple according to your own country.
It's a pirates job will be in your Maple game.

upon this is the pirates passive and active skills

there are two skill weapon and bare hand.........

to me I will activate both skill and try to kill some monster.
then later, I will decide which skill I will choose.

I think strength and dexterity are importance in this job.........

If you choose strength you choose bare hand and if you choose dexterity then you choose pistol and gun........

Now I trained my character named "aceone" in MapleSEA.
meet you there.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Becareful When You Wish Upon Shooting Star

Next time when you sit with a group at beaches while you do a beach party or admire a celestial star. Then at all sudden you saw a straight stream of light crossing in front of your sight in the sky in middle of pitch dark night.

Well the first thing that you do? Try to make a wish? I tell you after you watch this clip you be cursing yourself . No wonder ancient Chinese people say it is bad luck if you saw these up in a sky at night. And also no wonder Malay language say "tahi bintang" and "tahi" is poop/shit
perhaps may be we had add a new word in to our dictionary "shitting star"