Monday, December 29, 2008


This is my first time Christmas quest in MapleSEA World. Christmas angle Rooney are around Maple World . I accept her quest to collect 6 Encyclopedia. All type of monster drooped the quset item so beginners you had no worry at all. The most difficulty book to find is red book always red book. A tip from me, if you had extra slot keep the red book I always had hard time ti find red book. I got a tip from my random party member that pigs and ribbons pigs can dropped red book, but I also find that Lupin and Zombie Lupin are dropped red book too.

After you collect all books return to Rooney. She can found in every town in Victoria Island or in which Island you played.

Receive your reward which

10,000 meso

+ 20,000 EXP

and increase 1 FAME

This quest repeatable
( I think in 24 hours you can redo this quest )

Sunday, December 28, 2008


This is my first time I decorate Christmas tree in Maple World. You can decorate either alone or in group like party or guild. Once finish your job hit SCROLL LOCK key at your keyboard to auto save the tree.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Here I wish you all




to all mapler who follow my journal in Maple world

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fossil Plant part 2

Okay this mission got part 2, After you finish part you had to start part 2 of this mission.
And I accept this mission and I had to collect a item dropped by certain monster.
but the most difficult one is weight earrings which only 3 monster dropped this item that is
wild boar - easily found in east of Perion and south of Perion.
yellow lizard - only found in Thailand
zombie mushroom - found deep inside of ant hill in SleepyWoods forest.

I got weight earrings from wild boar. It not a easy job, I hunt almost a day. Well straight 24 hour.
1 day I hunt 1 or 2 hour which total it up to 24 hours.
after that I go hunt more easily dropped item by wood type monster.
After that I return to Dr. Winston and I receive my rewards and you also get leaf earrings.

Which can up your MP power by 50 and increase magic defense by2 if you wear it.

** This quest is complete **

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fossil Plant

Sorry for not updated. No I did not rest just when in Mapling for 2 hours to get 2x EXP which ends this months.
Okay that all I accept this quest from Dr Betty which located in Ellina and tell me to collect 20 Plant sample which you can find it at North of Ellina . You must kill that plant to get that sample. then go back to Dr Betty and collect my reward.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Pirates Are Arrive

Good news Maplers........
New job is here in MapleSEA . It si Pirates Job. Pirates have two skill job . That is internal combustion projectile (gun) and close combat fighting skill. You can check in here or scroll down my previous post

You also can check at official MapleSEA site.

Okay now I mapler "aceone' in Eridanus server will go train now .........

the pirate job will be available in this morning 19th November 2008, from 0800 hrs to 1530 hrs (+8 GMT) and all you can find it

Monday, November 10, 2008

New Job is Coming

A new job will be available in MapleSEA world and I think the all version of Maple according to your own country.
It's a pirates job will be in your Maple game.

upon this is the pirates passive and active skills

there are two skill weapon and bare hand.........

to me I will activate both skill and try to kill some monster.
then later, I will decide which skill I will choose.

I think strength and dexterity are importance in this job.........

If you choose strength you choose bare hand and if you choose dexterity then you choose pistol and gun........

Now I trained my character named "aceone" in MapleSEA.
meet you there.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Becareful When You Wish Upon Shooting Star

Next time when you sit with a group at beaches while you do a beach party or admire a celestial star. Then at all sudden you saw a straight stream of light crossing in front of your sight in the sky in middle of pitch dark night.

Well the first thing that you do? Try to make a wish? I tell you after you watch this clip you be cursing yourself . No wonder ancient Chinese people say it is bad luck if you saw these up in a sky at night. And also no wonder Malay language say "tahi bintang" and "tahi" is poop/shit
perhaps may be we had add a new word in to our dictionary "shitting star"

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Halloween Party

Halloween are here again. This is my first ever Halloween party in Maple world. If you got a bulb mission on your head just click it and follow the normal procedure and you will get an invitation to Halloween party by Masked Gentleman's Invitation. Double click on it and you will teleport to some where in Maple world.

Right in front of the mansion. You cannot go in there and yes you are right is Halloween but no worry just go little right and talk to nameless cat.

For this quest you better prepare a piece of paper and a pen or pencil

Find the grave and write it down the 2 box that I show as example. After all complete
go back to that nameless cat again.

And here they are that cat will give you some pop quiz for me and you. You must anwer all the question correctly. If that cat says DING! that's mean wrong and you must went to that grave to repeat the process again.

If answer all the question correctly you will turn into ghost and then you are allowed to enter that mansion.

You enter into that mansion as ghost but you can't fight the monster inside. All back to normal if you head bump to monster which roam in that mansion.

Before I leaves this post , talk to Masked Gentleman standing in middle of mansion . Talk to him.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Polutted...... Evil Eye.

To accept this quest you must go way deep into Ant Hill in Sleepywoods. This quest is repeatable. First mission you must kill 99 Evil Eye monster. After that go back to Sleepywoods and report to The Rememberer you can find it at the first entrance to Sleepywoods.
To accept second quest you must travel back to where you accept this quest, and when you accept this second quest you must kill 999 Evil Eye monster.

I already finish both of this quest. The second quest are really though it fell like forever. In the end I really glad I finish both of this quest.

*** this quest is complete***

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Black Bull New House

BlackBull said to he that his relatives are coming to his house but too bad his house is too small. He ordered me hunt for Golem rock and that mosnter is way too much strong to me now. I'm not sure when I can finish this quest?
I had no problem with all the three quest at all but hunt for a rock golem is pretty hard.
This is rock golem.

Last time I find this monster at Sleepywoods dungeons. When I on event Independence quest.

and go way. . . . . . . . . down there.

and I have'nt kill a single rock golem yet.

*** this quest in progress ***

Friday, September 26, 2008

The History of Maple

Accept this quest from this guy called Jay. Not much that I can do, I'm short of money to travel ship now. Had to collect more money . Jay told me he need 3 book that tell the origin of Maple.
Now I need to be more stronger and in the same time collect more money. These book are priceless and rare . Not much info now, I will updated later

Monday, September 22, 2008

Not Online

I'm not online for nearly 1 month now. I'm not tired or boring in this game but rest for a moment.
So no matter which online game you playing now please rest for two or more weeks. Don't be a hero for playing online game non stop for few days. It will destroy your future.


p.s. I will keep on post my previous mission in here.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jane Doe

In Kerning city there is a hospital there where a stranger in there. They called Jane Doe, you t wouldn't get any quest from her until you reach level 25 and above. I accept her quest when I above level 25. She firstly ask for broken mirror which you can get from wild boar. I was lucky before this I accept Jane quest so I did 2 quest in 1 time. If you do a Jane quest you will be find id strange when you killed wild boar there will be broken mirror dropped from it.
After I complete this quest I return to her and she find out there was no reflection of her, and ask me for second quest.

In this second quest I had go back to ant hill in sleepywood . I find out I got the charm but it was not enough so must go back to hunt again. After complete my quest I went back to meet her and she seem to be happy about it and she gave me some rewards and 1 old raggedy cape which gave you 10 points in advance in avoidability .

*** this quest complete ***

Monday, September 8, 2008

Jane need to be strong

Jane love to travel but her father wouldn't let her go alone just because she not strong enough.
She ask me to hunt for her some horny cap mushroom and wild boar tooth. I know is not small amount but a lot .
So here my tip; go to sleepywood through Henesys then go to ant hill 1 there horny mushroom roam freely there; after you complete 1st part of quest exit ant hill 1 and get out from sleepywood town and heads to north you must exit north gate near to Perion. Becareful and prepare with full HP and MP , monster may be roam at exit portal .
Now you can search for wild boar there and start hunting.
After I complete 2nd part I teleport by using Lith Habour scroll and find Jane.

*** this quest complete ***

Friday, September 5, 2008

Mrs Ming Ming Second Worry

In this journey I had to do 3 part of task. Accept a task from Mrs Ming Ming from Henesys she told you to talk to Estelle , she can be located at The field of south Elinna. I went to there.

I reach there and talk to her ; and she had the item that I need for my task . But in exchange she wants a Garnet, a pure Garnet jewel. As you know so far there are no monster dropped pure garnet when you killed a monster. The only way is to get garnet ore are by hunting monster that dropped garnet ore. Here the list

Collect minimum 10 of garnet ore to make 1 pure garnet ; and you must refine it at blacksmith's which you can find it at north in Perion city.
After that I return to Estelle and she gave me the secret sauce .

Return to Mrs. Ming Ming and she order me to hunt for 20 pig head's and 60 octopus leg's. I had no problem of that because I know where are the monster is.

*** this quest in progress ***

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

2nd Quest in Florina Beach

** updated **

Still in Florina Beach on second quest . Looks like like I gonna to be while here. There are a Lupin monster here. You know a monkey can throw a banana skin as weapon. Be prepare you need a lot of HP and MP potion if you not strong enough; now I half way through to collect Lorang claw the other two is easy to get. Plus I nearly level up in here. If I strong enough may be I advance to next quest in Florina Beach; if not I return to main land to continiu my journey.

*** this quest complete ***

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Letter to Dr. Kim

Accept a second Quest from Chief Stan. He ask me a favor to go to Orbis Town; that's on the other island. Actually I still don't know how many island in MapleSEA world. The last time I go there was fail when flying hairy beast attack me while I on the way to there. Now I must really to get strong before I depart from Victoria Island. Ah...... Chief Stan ask me to deliver a sealed letter to Dr. Kim at Omega sector.

*** this quest in progress ***

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Collect coconut

After the event quest complete, I don't know what to do. I check my quest menu and find out Florina Beach have a quest available. So I heads to Lith Harbour and went by boat. It's the only way to Florina Beach. 2,000 mesos will spend here last time I waste 2,000 meso to just to complete World Quest at Thailand. Now I decide to stay little longer here but I make a mistake; here they don't sell arrows so I had go back to mainland to buy arrows and luck was in my side; it turn out that I still have keep processes wood and stiff feathers in my inventory. I go to Henesys and make a lot of arrows. I return to florina Beach and complete the first mission.

*** this quest complete ***

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Independence Day Event 3

Since I was here I accept 1 mission at Singapore to hunt for speeder. Is a thought job here. And I complete the mission here. Any how it's the only way to collect a cash here, this because I use all my mesos to come here. After all done I head back to air port.

This is why I stay at Singapore for a while; when you want back to Maple world you had to buy again a ticket back to maple world, is not a two way travel but only one way. So I buy a single ticket to back to Maple world

Ahead to departure and wait the plane to take off. Still same you had to wait for few seconds to take off.

And now the plane is way back to Maple world.

Arrive back in Maple world at Kerning City and with times fly I go straight to Henesys Town to meet Ms Ming Ming which she can be seen near Mushroom Park Gate. After I talk to her I need a few item to make medicine kits. After complete the quest, she told me to hand it over to a person name Gwin which he located at Sleepywoods dungeon.

Entrance to Sleepywoods dungeon is here the portal is hidden

But I find out this is not the right location . I have make it way down there but no sign of Gwin. So by using teleport scroll I teleport to surface and ask other mapler which is already done this event mission.

Thanks to lurbRAINIE I foun out to find Gwin is not to Sleepywoods dungeon; you had go pass Anthill tunnel; there you need go further and deeper into dungeon.

It's not complete yet here; you must go down deeper now;

then you must past this Drake monster dungeaon here. Becareful at here and must not die here. Forgot to tell you I buy a lot of HP potion to here, just past here I already use haft of mine stock.

The journey is not over I must past here to the last place where the crystal monster roam. Must not die here. According to lurbRAINIE is not far now.

Finally afterlong journey deep into Maple world I finally found him. Dungeon Another Entrance he was lying there. After talk to him and I receive mine rewards.
Thanks to lurbRAINE I complete this first ever event quest by MapleSEA.
LurbRAINIE if I evey saw you again I will fame you up.

** end of part three **
*** This quest is complete ***

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Independence Day Event 2

Now is part 2 of this event as I say in part 1; I had to purchases a single ticket to Singapore. You had too, no choice she can be found at next to right at taxi stand. When you are ready click again at Irene and you will be transfer to Kerning International Airport. I had to wait for few minutes at airport.

After that the plane will take off and fly to Singapore World. The flight takes few seconds.

And I arrive at Changi Airport; I was here last time accidentally to here. No fun at here the monster was hard to kill. my dexterity was low at that time.

And finally I found him, just a little boy and the mission was failed but success.
You know waste a large amount of mesos to here and just find it the reward
is not worth the mesos.

*** end of part 2 ***