Saturday, October 18, 2008

Halloween Party

Halloween are here again. This is my first ever Halloween party in Maple world. If you got a bulb mission on your head just click it and follow the normal procedure and you will get an invitation to Halloween party by Masked Gentleman's Invitation. Double click on it and you will teleport to some where in Maple world.

Right in front of the mansion. You cannot go in there and yes you are right is Halloween but no worry just go little right and talk to nameless cat.

For this quest you better prepare a piece of paper and a pen or pencil

Find the grave and write it down the 2 box that I show as example. After all complete
go back to that nameless cat again.

And here they are that cat will give you some pop quiz for me and you. You must anwer all the question correctly. If that cat says DING! that's mean wrong and you must went to that grave to repeat the process again.

If answer all the question correctly you will turn into ghost and then you are allowed to enter that mansion.

You enter into that mansion as ghost but you can't fight the monster inside. All back to normal if you head bump to monster which roam in that mansion.

Before I leaves this post , talk to Masked Gentleman standing in middle of mansion . Talk to him.


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