Thursday, May 28, 2009


I have download a full version 0,73 of MapleSEA
but it still have a same problem that i mention in my last post.........

Monday, May 25, 2009

cannot log in

I can't log in to MapleSEA for last 72 hours. I have try a lot of method. In fact all the method that MapleSEA though me to do.
It always "ERROR CODE : -2005532292 (Unknown Error 0x8876017C)"

I did uodated the second file with 72 to 73. The result is "FILE CORRUPT"

Now I download full version 73 from bitorrent , I hope this time there is no more problem.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Episode 2

Episode 2 is finally here for those play MapleSEA. Episode 2 will begin today 21 may 2009.
What's new in MapleSEA ? Well it's a lot than you think of. There is 2 part in Episode 2 all
you can find here.

Part 1 :

Episode 2 Launch Events
New look and 2x EXP from 22nd to 28th may 2009 on every Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
20% discount in cash shop till 19th june 2009.

Dual language client
Chinese and English in GEMINI world.

A brand new world with 15 channel at the beginning.
2x EXP held for 24hours till ends of this month.
An even better news is, it will become a 4x EXP event when it is overlapped with the 2x EXP event for MapleSEA Episode 2 launch.

Knights of Cygnus
A change to preview it before if launch.

Family system
With this new system, you can guide the young adventurers around Maple World. Invite them to join your family as a Junior so that you, an Senior, can share your hard-earned knowledge with them. Skilled and well-trained Juniors will increase your reputation and bring you various Privileges of the Famous Adventures, which include EXP and Drop Rate boosts! Seek out Leader Al at Lith Harbor for more information.

Timeless Temple & Pink Bean
Let Corba transform you into a dragon so that you may cut through vicious winds to reach the Temple of Time, a mysterious temple in the sky. However, beware! It is whispered that within the temple dwells the strongest monster in Maple World, one that has yet to be defeated. Enter at your own risk…

Elin Forest & PQ
Elin Forest is the last place in Maple World where prehistoric monsters roam, accessible only by the Time Control Room in Helios tower. Yet, a Black Magician is trying to poison the forest! It is now up to you to stop him. (Hint: You will need at least a party of four!)

Maker Skill
Now all Maplers above level 45 will get a new skill! Simply visit Moren in Magatia town to learn the Item Maker skill after completing a quest. This skill enables Maplers to create equipment and is leveled up by completing quests instead of the regular SP. Stimulators can be used with the Maker skill to create better items, but there is always a 10% chance of failure.

Mu Lung Training Center
Only by surviving the Kung Fu Panda Master’s challenge, will you earn the title of a master! Prove yourself by taking up the challenge from Mu Gong, the Kung Fu master from Mu Lung Training Center and achieve different colored martial belts to signify your grade. You can reach the training center at any one of these locations: Mu Lung, Ellinia, Kerningand Orbis town.

Free Pet Snail Roonie
Get the free pet, Snail Roonie when you complete a quest at level 15! This pet comes with free accessories that not only help you loot monster drops, but also recover your HP and MP. Just remember to free 6 slots in your inventory (1 Pet slot)for the pet and its accessories (5 Equip slots) and your pet will take care of the rest! Unfortunately, nothing lives forever and the same goes for Snail Roonie. So use Pet Roonie wisely.

Monster Book
Getting panicky from the information overload in Maple World? Now, there’s the Monster Book encyclopedia containing information of mob drops, monster location and various stats to help you. The best news is you will be granted a buff for each card collected (capped at the first 5 cards).

Title System
Daleer, the Priest of Honour, is here in Lith Harbor to reward medals for various achievements in Maple World! Once a medal is awarded to you, you will receive a title under your character’s name. Titles like The Legendary Hunter and Donation King are renewed every month.

Well that's all for now........

source from MapleSEA

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Maya Concern

Maya adopt a jr.lioner he was hurt Maya ask me to collect 3 item a 50 of holy water, 20 leatty furball and 20 cold tail. Holy water you can buy from Elinia potion store, the only store in Victoria Island with price 500 meso each. There is a easy way to get a holy water without to spend a single meso.
In Ludibrium quest meet Rice the Medic complete the 1st quest you will reward with 50 holy water.

Second item is leatty furball you can obtain in Orbis tower at 5, 6, 7 floor.
only white leatty not dark leatty. I got more than 1 character in MapleSEA so I collect 200 leatty furball.

Third item I had go deep inside of Victoria Island. Only can access through Sleppywood. go through Ant Hill Tunnel way deep, and deep path until you reach The Tunnel That Lost Light.
there you can hunt for cold eye.
Once again I collect 200 of cold eye tail.

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When all item are fully collect I when back to Maya House. There she wait for me and I held over to her. Maya quickly clean Jr.Lionner wound but now the pup is poison
New quest for me now.

**Quest continue**

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Friday, May 1, 2009


Updated mission in progress and I set it to schedule to certain date to post it in my blog.

Swine is another name for pig or hogs.

-noun, pural swine
1. any stout, cloven-hoofed artiodactyl of the Old World family Suidae, having a thick hide sparsely covered with coarse hair, a disklike snout, and an often short, tasseled tail: now of worldwide distribution and hunted or raised for its meat and other products. Compare pigs, hogs and wild boar.

2. the domestic hog, Sus scrofa.
3. a coarse, gross, or brutishly sensual person.
4. a contemptible person.

check here and watch this