Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Maya Concern

Maya adopt a jr.lioner he was hurt Maya ask me to collect 3 item a 50 of holy water, 20 leatty furball and 20 cold tail. Holy water you can buy from Elinia potion store, the only store in Victoria Island with price 500 meso each. There is a easy way to get a holy water without to spend a single meso.
In Ludibrium quest meet Rice the Medic complete the 1st quest you will reward with 50 holy water.

Second item is leatty furball you can obtain in Orbis tower at 5, 6, 7 floor.
only white leatty not dark leatty. I got more than 1 character in MapleSEA so I collect 200 leatty furball.

Third item I had go deep inside of Victoria Island. Only can access through Sleppywood. go through Ant Hill Tunnel way deep, and deep path until you reach The Tunnel That Lost Light.
there you can hunt for cold eye.
Once again I collect 200 of cold eye tail.

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When all item are fully collect I when back to Maya House. There she wait for me and I held over to her. Maya quickly clean Jr.Lionner wound but now the pup is poison
New quest for me now.

**Quest continue**

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