Sunday, August 10, 2008

Independence Day Event 3

Since I was here I accept 1 mission at Singapore to hunt for speeder. Is a thought job here. And I complete the mission here. Any how it's the only way to collect a cash here, this because I use all my mesos to come here. After all done I head back to air port.

This is why I stay at Singapore for a while; when you want back to Maple world you had to buy again a ticket back to maple world, is not a two way travel but only one way. So I buy a single ticket to back to Maple world

Ahead to departure and wait the plane to take off. Still same you had to wait for few seconds to take off.

And now the plane is way back to Maple world.

Arrive back in Maple world at Kerning City and with times fly I go straight to Henesys Town to meet Ms Ming Ming which she can be seen near Mushroom Park Gate. After I talk to her I need a few item to make medicine kits. After complete the quest, she told me to hand it over to a person name Gwin which he located at Sleepywoods dungeon.

Entrance to Sleepywoods dungeon is here the portal is hidden

But I find out this is not the right location . I have make it way down there but no sign of Gwin. So by using teleport scroll I teleport to surface and ask other mapler which is already done this event mission.

Thanks to lurbRAINIE I foun out to find Gwin is not to Sleepywoods dungeon; you had go pass Anthill tunnel; there you need go further and deeper into dungeon.

It's not complete yet here; you must go down deeper now;

then you must past this Drake monster dungeaon here. Becareful at here and must not die here. Forgot to tell you I buy a lot of HP potion to here, just past here I already use haft of mine stock.

The journey is not over I must past here to the last place where the crystal monster roam. Must not die here. According to lurbRAINIE is not far now.

Finally afterlong journey deep into Maple world I finally found him. Dungeon Another Entrance he was lying there. After talk to him and I receive mine rewards.
Thanks to lurbRAINE I complete this first ever event quest by MapleSEA.
LurbRAINIE if I evey saw you again I will fame you up.

** end of part three **
*** This quest is complete ***

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