Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Independence Day Event 2

Now is part 2 of this event as I say in part 1; I had to purchases a single ticket to Singapore. You had too, no choice she can be found at next to right at taxi stand. When you are ready click again at Irene and you will be transfer to Kerning International Airport. I had to wait for few minutes at airport.

After that the plane will take off and fly to Singapore World. The flight takes few seconds.

And I arrive at Changi Airport; I was here last time accidentally to here. No fun at here the monster was hard to kill. my dexterity was low at that time.

And finally I found him, just a little boy and the mission was failed but success.
You know waste a large amount of mesos to here and just find it the reward
is not worth the mesos.

*** end of part 2 ***

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