Friday, September 5, 2008

Mrs Ming Ming Second Worry

In this journey I had to do 3 part of task. Accept a task from Mrs Ming Ming from Henesys she told you to talk to Estelle , she can be located at The field of south Elinna. I went to there.

I reach there and talk to her ; and she had the item that I need for my task . But in exchange she wants a Garnet, a pure Garnet jewel. As you know so far there are no monster dropped pure garnet when you killed a monster. The only way is to get garnet ore are by hunting monster that dropped garnet ore. Here the list

Collect minimum 10 of garnet ore to make 1 pure garnet ; and you must refine it at blacksmith's which you can find it at north in Perion city.
After that I return to Estelle and she gave me the secret sauce .

Return to Mrs. Ming Ming and she order me to hunt for 20 pig head's and 60 octopus leg's. I had no problem of that because I know where are the monster is.

*** this quest in progress ***

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