Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fossil Plant part 2

Okay this mission got part 2, After you finish part you had to start part 2 of this mission.
And I accept this mission and I had to collect a item dropped by certain monster.
but the most difficult one is weight earrings which only 3 monster dropped this item that is
wild boar - easily found in east of Perion and south of Perion.
yellow lizard - only found in Thailand
zombie mushroom - found deep inside of ant hill in SleepyWoods forest.

I got weight earrings from wild boar. It not a easy job, I hunt almost a day. Well straight 24 hour.
1 day I hunt 1 or 2 hour which total it up to 24 hours.
after that I go hunt more easily dropped item by wood type monster.
After that I return to Dr. Winston and I receive my rewards and you also get leaf earrings.

Which can up your MP power by 50 and increase magic defense by2 if you wear it.

** This quest is complete **

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