Monday, December 29, 2008


This is my first time Christmas quest in MapleSEA World. Christmas angle Rooney are around Maple World . I accept her quest to collect 6 Encyclopedia. All type of monster drooped the quset item so beginners you had no worry at all. The most difficulty book to find is red book always red book. A tip from me, if you had extra slot keep the red book I always had hard time ti find red book. I got a tip from my random party member that pigs and ribbons pigs can dropped red book, but I also find that Lupin and Zombie Lupin are dropped red book too.

After you collect all books return to Rooney. She can found in every town in Victoria Island or in which Island you played.

Receive your reward which

10,000 meso

+ 20,000 EXP

and increase 1 FAME

This quest repeatable
( I think in 24 hours you can redo this quest )


EaZy2525 said...

First,the red book is dropped by every monster. i got most of mine from snails or even mano.Second, this quest is repeatable every 3 hours.

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

Thanks EaZy2525,

with your information I hope more Mapler will level up in short time with their fame.

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