Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chocolate Heart Box

Valentine is around corner. The 1st event is get 1 Heart of Chocolate box. It's very easy.
1st head on to Henesys or Lith Harbor and find Ace of Hearts. You can identified very easily by its appearance. Get a quest from Ace of Hearts.

Go to Henesys Hunting Ground 1 and get 1 dark chocolate and 1 white chocolate. You can see the red circle. After that go back to Ace of Hearts to finish your quest.

Before that you have to buy 2 more item quest to complete it. that is 1 empty heart box and 1 gold ribbon from Coco Chocolate Ingredient Seller always next to Ace of Hearts.
Buy these two Item and your quest will complete.

Report back to Ace of Hearts , and I forgot to tell you that Ace of hearts charge 1,000 mesos fee to complete this quest to complete.
as the rewards I get

1 Heart Chocolate
Gain 800 EXP
Raise up 1 fame.

**this quest complete**
***repeatable every 1 or 2 hour**

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