Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Patch in MapleSEA

CNY and Valentine event is over and out. Now new patch will begin today you can download it at here.

What's new in here?

- Delphinus world and Eridanus world will merge in to one world.
- More quest for Romeo and Juliet in Magatia map.
- Master Monster third series
- Aramia's fireworks event (Event ends at 25th March 2009)
Find her in Henesys Park.
- Second stage of evolution Pet Robo
- MapleStory Speed Quiz (Event ends at 25th March 2009)
Find Casandra and she will ask 40 question of monster names.
There will be NPC too, so beware.
- Malaysia Exclusive Map for Monster Boss
- Watermelon Event (Event ends at 25th March 2009)
Find Casandra
-Mob Boss spawn rate is shortend for Anego and Pianus
Rate will resume to original time in next patch.
- Hack Shield added.

Plus more item in Gachapon machine and Cash Shop added.
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