Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chief Stan Mission

I go and meet Chief Stan to find out more detail about "Mind of Maple" quest.
Chief Stan ask me to collect 5 type of pendent that scattered all around Victoria Island.

Each pendent dropped by different monster.
Piece of Accuracy dropped by Octopus, Blue Mushroom and Bubbling.
Piece of Courage dropped by Wild Boar, Dark Stump and Axe Stump.
Piece of Wisdom dropped by Orange Mushroom, Pigs and Ribbon Pigs.
Piece of Dexterity dropped by Green Mushroom, Slime and Lupins.
Piece of Freedom dropped by Evil Eyes,Curse Eyes and Jr. Neckies.

All these monster you can find it along main road to each city in Victoria Island.

After I gathered all the pendent I return to Henesys and report to Chief Stan.

And I get a rewards from Chief Stan

***This quest is repeatable***
**This quest Complete**

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