Sunday, March 15, 2009

Where is Chumji?

Where is Chumji?
Well Chumji is located in Korean Folk Town.
You can go to Korean Folk Town through warp portal in Nautilus, you can obtain one way warp card from Bartol quest when you reach level 30.
You must get more than one warp card before you can travel to Omega sector.

How I go to Korean Folk Town? I start my journey from Eos tower from first floor to one hundred floor. It's a long journey. Then I walk pass through Ludibrium. After that I entered Helios tower and descend to 1st floor by using lift. At here I had too walked trough library and finally I arrive in Korean Folk Town.
Chunji is located far left in this town. And my quest is complete.
Quest is instantly repeatable and Cassandra is in Korean Folk Town too she located at right side of map.

The reward is 3 piece of watermelon which restore 1000 of HP and MP.


3 piece of watermelon

Restore 1000 of HP and MP

Instantly repeatable quest

**this quest complete**

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