Friday, April 17, 2009

sorry that I did not updated my post for nearly a month. All I can do is write a simple comment in few of my favourite blog.
It all happen to my index finger.
I miss "April fool Event" all because this.

My finger suddenly swollen up like balloon, I went to UMMC (University Malaya Medical Center) and they straight send me to E.R. for a minor operation I tell you it was the most pain experience that I ever have encountered. Why I had a minor operation? that doctor afraid my finger had infected and it did. After that he draw son of my blood to test.

Later he find out I was high in uric acid. Bad news.................

Now I in medication for two month

Got to strictly to watch my diet right now. If I want to get out from uric acid curse.

I will post all my complete and in progress quest. But if there is a event, priority no. 1 is I will post a event post here.

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